Training & Mentorship for Black Youth (TMBY)

Mentors and community Youth Animators act as positive role models and peer mobilizers to help Black youth ages 13 - 18 or Grade 8 to 12 to reach their full potential. Duration is 3 months per stage and the curriculum is planned for three stages, in which participants must complete one before moving on to another. Mentors and Youth Animators will receive training on leadership, anti-black racism, resilience building, and mental health to help them mobilize and provide informed support to Black youth.

The selection process of Mentors

Mentors will serve as trainers and can additionally be accessible in a structured, regulated, and monitored process, during the span of the session. Mentors are successful immigrant/newcomers in career or business who are willing to stay committed for at least 3 months, sharing personal experience, and providing strength-based support to youth participants, with the ability to submit monthly reports to the project coordinator.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please send an email to

The selection of Youth Animators

The local Youth Animators are volunteer youth ages 14 to 19 years old. This position will be a voluntary service with honorarium compensation. Their role is to mobilize and facilitate the participation of other young people like themselves in the training sessions. The training participants will be grouped and led by a Youth Animator. The local Animators will also be trained and empowered to identify broad areas of strength, concerns, opportunities, and priorities within their assigned community of youth, for AWYF to be able to coordinate preventive or intervention programs that will build resilience and capacity of Black youth for effective self-leadership.

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Animator, please send an email to

Goals & Objectives
  • Gain confidence and develop leadership skills.
  • Encourage self-advocacy.
  • Increase in the graduation rate of Black students in high school.
  • Fostering non-violence and healthy behaviour.
  • Encourage active participation in their communities and get involved in decision-making processes.

After the initial set of local animators in the first year of the program, subsequent recruitment for animators will be within those that have successfully completed at least two out of the three stages of the program.